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By far the most comprehensive available guide to agility course walking £24.99

  • Get the most out of your time walking the course
  • Learn how to walk a course effectively
  • Suitable for handlers at every level of agility – from novice to experienced
  • Make tactical handling choices
  • Reach the ring ready to run for the win


You’ve done all the training. Now all that stands between you and success is a little bit of course walking. Your chance to break – or make – your run…

This 70 page guide unlocks the vital missing link of the course walk. We’ll uncover the preparation you should do before you step into the ring. We’ll look at exactly what you should be doing the first few times you walk your course. Then, we’ll break down the handling choices that need to be made and refine those choices and their timing. Finally, we’ll focus on how we can use what’s going on in our heads to maximise our chances of victory.


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About the Author

Bonny Quick combines her experience as an international competitor and trainer with her ability to communicate clearly and entertainingly in this comprehensive course-walking guide. Bonny has competed successfully at all the major national and international agility competitions, including the European Opens, the WAOs, IFCS, Crufts, IMCA and Olympia. Bonny has a first class MA degree from Edinburgh University and has won several awards for her writing.  



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