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A Great Startline Wait

Get a Great Startline Wait is your guide to getting a great startline wait with your dog, or fixing your startline wait if it's gone wrong. This is a simple but comprehensive 14-page guide available to buy now for just £7.99 










A startline wait is an essential agility skill. You'll need your dog to wait on almost every startline you'll ever face - at training and in competition.

The guide has easy steps to follow so you can begin training a great wait now. The steps take you on a complete journey - from how to introduce a wait to your puppy/dog for the very first time, right through to using your wait in competition. 

For handlers whose dogs don't wait, the guide troubleshoots the reasons waits go wrong in detail. It explains exactly why your dog doesn't wait on the startline and, most importantly, gives you the solution... your dog can wait. 

To get your guide now, just use the button on the right hand side of this page to pay just £7.99 via Paypal, then pop in your e-mail address at the foot of this page.  

Lots of training resources include sections on wait training. However, by focusing exclusively on the agility wait, this guide a) has the space and time to look at how to train the wait in a very detailed, logical way b) is able to run through specific reasons waits go wrong, again in detail and with real-life examples, and giving you solutions specific to the particular problem.

> Want your dog to have a great startline wait? Prefer to avoid the mistakes, and get it right from the beginning? Train your wait: Get a Great Startline Wait 

> Got a problem with your startline wait? Tried everything? Find out what is really causing your dog not to wait on the startline, and get the solution. Fix your wait: Get a Great Startline Wait 

To get your guide now, just use the button on the right hand side of this page to pay just £7.99 via Paypal, then pop in your e-mail address at the foot of this page.


Get a Great Startline Wait is written by Bonny Quick, a national and international championship GB competitor of Crufts, Olympia, the WAOs and the European Opens, amongst other competitions, with experience of training all heights of dogs, ABCs and BCs, and with a first class MA degree from Edinburgh University.


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