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The Lead Leg

You're bound to have heard agility people referring to "the lead leg". Maybe you even talk about it yourself.  Understanding how a dog runs around a course in terms of the lead leg, and realising how and why that impacts on the decisions I should take as a handler, has been key for me. I am a big believer in knowledge being empowering - when you get the lead leg, you will get a whole lot more as a handler. A 20-page Book and 2 Videos featuring clear slow motion footage with explanations.  £25

Build Your Agility Training Plan

It's great to dream. It's great to have ambitions. But to turn dreams into reality you need more than hope. Rocking up to an agility class once a week and hoping for the best is probably not going to take you to all the way either. What will is a strategic plan - putting in the right work at the right time. £34.99

Your Route to Success - The Complete Guide to Course Walking

An invaluable resource for all agility handlers. Get the most out of your time walking the course.
Suitable for those at all levels. You can reach the ring ready to run for the win.
One handler described this to me as her "bible" as she attended another prize-giving.

Running Contact Training

Fancy training really fast, reliable running contacts properly, which your dog understands? 
One handler recently wrote to tell me that after following the programme "We tried some competitions and all contacts are absolutely woooow amazing - it doesn't matter if turns or straights!"
 Part 1 £25

Wait Training

Do you have frustrating problems with your dog's startline wait? Have you not trained a startline wait yet, but want to get it right from the beginning?  £7.99



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