"I’m passionate about competitive agility. My 3 competition dogs run at the highest level in the UK –  Championship. The past few years they've won 10 CCs (championship tickets) and 5 RCCs... 


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...I have competed successfully in agility nationally and internationally – representing Great Britain at multiple championships abroad, including the European Opens, the World Agility Open, the IFCS and IMCA, as well as competing numerous times in home events such as Olympia and Crufts. At key international and national events, I have been lucky enough to achieve podium places with all of my competing dogs.  

I am delighted to have been joined in my training by Kim Loaring from 2015. Kim also competes at Championship level, and we share a passion for providing agility training that is rewarding both for your dog and you. It is a real pleasure for us to be able to help you succeed and to contribute to you having fun in achieving that success."                         - Bonny Quick

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