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The Best Start

Access over 75 videos, and watch exactly what Bonny does with her pups from 8 weeks of age to 5 months. 

This content is delivered through a Facebook group where you get access to watch all the videos and follow along with how Bonny Quick goes about creating a perfect start for a new agility puppy. 


A quick selection of what others have said about this course...

"Thank you so much for this, Bonny, we’ve loved every minute"

"Cricket and I have learnt so much, watching you!"

"It’s been good to follow along with the skills and we’ve got so much out of it. Thank you Bonny!"

"Thank you Bonny, it’s been great - informative and fun. I have loved it and learnt so much. Although, as you know, I don’t have my pup yet, I’ve tried it all out with Lottie (4yr old wcs) and wish I’d known all this 4 years ago!!!"

£79.99 - The Best Start

8 weeks to 5 months, the best start for your agility puppy.