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Weavetastic Weaves

Are you ready to get weavetastic?

This is much more than JUST teaching your dog to weave. Although it covers that as well.

Take your weaves to the ultimate level with this super-comprehensive video!

Bonny takes you right through every step -from introducing a dog to weaves for the first time, to the most advanced entry and independence challenges.

Whether you are teaching your youngster weaves, or want to take your dog's awesome weaves to the next level, with this video you can make weaves your strength.

What's in this 1hr 40min video?

Preparatory, pre-weaving exercises to get your dog's body weave ready. These will enhance your dog's ability to weave fast and accurately.

Teach your dog fabulous weave entries so they can nail even the most challenging entries every time.

A guide to teaching your dog a 12 pole weave using channel weaves. Learn what exercises to incorporate from the outset and how to make your dog succeed.

Would you like your dog to learn sensational independence skills - so they can stay in the weaves no matter what you are doing? Here's how to do it.

What you need...
-A set of planking blocks, or make your own.
-Channel or stick-in-the-ground weaves.

£59.99 - Weavetastic Weaves

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