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Beginners to Agility

Welcome! You've come to the right place. 

We welcome beginner handlers and beginner dogs to train with us. We have young handlers, older handlers, and handlers in between! 

Many of those who train with us eventually go on to compete and achieve great success! For others, the joy is simply in the training and their partnership with their dog - we welcome those who want to do agility 'just for fun' as much as those with Crufts ambitions. 

The simplest way to get going with a real lesson asap, is to book a 121 with Kim or Kirsty by clicking on this link. Everyone who is new to us begins with at least some 121s. Our training takes place in a lovely venue in Wellington, Somerset. You'll need to bring with you treats, toys and a change of trainers for yourself.

We highly recommend you get this £4.99 video before your first session, which explains everything you need to know about beginning agility. What's covered in this video?

  • All the equipment. From which way your dog should enter the weaves to how the see saw has to be done.
  • What to do before you begin your agility training.
  • Competing in the United Kingdom. Learn about the major organisations.
  • A quick guide to grading, height classifications, registration and measuring.
  • Key British national agility competitions.
  • Big international agility competitions.
  • How to easily find a local trainer. Plus how to distinguish the decent ones from those to avoid.
  • Plus loads more!

£4.99 - Get Started in Agility

After purchase, you'll receive details so you can get the video via your email.