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Better Course Walking - Course Walk like a Total Pro

Want to run the course as if it really is the second time you’ve done it? Want to know how to get your timing right? How to choose the fastest line for your dog? And how to select the best handling?

This is a detailed 50+ page guide. It's packed with example sequences and full of all the inside tips and tricks on course walking.

Your guide is written by Bonny. Bonny has won 15 championship tickets in the UK plus multiple international championship events and titles at Crufts and Olympia. Here, she gives you the lowdown on what she really does in those golden minutes of course walking time.

Ready for you in PDF form - as soon as you buy your copy, your guide will be sent to your e-mail. You can view it on your computer, tablet or phone. So you can take it anywhere with you to access anytime. A previous edition of this guide was available on

In the words of one customer: “This is now my bible!”


£24.99 - Better Course Walking

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